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Walking Dead: The Final Season| Episode 4 Trailer
Trailer footage of 'Take Us Back', the last episode of 'Walking Dead: The Final Season as been released. Unlike previous episodes, which lasted until episode 5, the final season is all about episode four. source Walking Dead: The Final Season' is the last story of Telltale Games' adventure game 'The Walking Dead' which was released for the first time in 2012, and it is the last adventure game created by Telltale Games. Telltale Games closed its studios in September 2018 due to financial difficulties and announced that it would cancel all projects in progress. At that time 'Walking Dead Final' was only open to Episode 2 and left the remaining two episodes, so it seemed impossible to identify the end of the story as a game. However, after SkyBound Entertainment recruited staff members who had been laid off, they released information that they would make the rest of the episodes, and users were able to join the Walking Dead series to the end. Episode 4 "Take Us Back," which is about to be released, will draw the final journey of surviving children, AJ, and Clementine after the battle with Delta. The final episode of the Walking Dead series, which ends in Clementine's journey for seven years from 2012, will be released on March 26th. source Waiting on the release of the final season of one of the best game out there 😁, it's all about Walking Dead: The final season now. Image source THANKS FOR READING @mycr7 the 🎮 Boy