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'Devil May Cry 5' 11 years of waiting was not in vain
Image It is been 11 years. It's time to wait for a new Devil May Cry. Of course, during that time, 'Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition' was soothing to the nostalgia. However, after all, the Special Edition was just another copy of the 4th edition, and the Reboot small perfection was excellent, but it did not follow the quality of the aid. After all, the users had to spend 11 years' time waiting for the desperate 'Devil May Cry 5'. The reward of waiting was full. It has returned with the best game of the series. Not only does it continue to pursue a stylish look, but it goes without saying that the combo system, which can not develop from its predecessor, has the volume of action that has become so colorful. The newly added character is also quite fresh, and the convenience is also noticeably elevated, and the end of the stylish action ending that is not at all worth the wait for 10 years is a perfect return. OVERFLOWING Once you see the most visible thing, you can not stand it. Once each stage has its own personality and identity, it boasts a solid configuration so you can feel confident. You can even experience the boss battle on most stages. Considering the previous works that utilized the backtracking technique or used one boss twice or three times to fill the amount, it can be said to be a development of the elusive. In addition, atmosphere and gimmick of the stage itself were varied. Based on the ruined 'Red Grave' poetry, the section runs through the victims who are sucked in blood and have only a shell left behind. The stage in the inside, the root, and the top of the magical clock report seems to explore a living creature that generally lives alive, such as a section moving in a vein or a gate appearing like a tooth. The secret missions, blue orbs, and purple orb fragments are hidden all over the place, so it is fun to visit them. image Playtime is also quite rich. If you clear the boss with the lowest difficulty level without any trouble, you can see the ending from 8 hours to 10 hours, but if you watch the cut scene carefully and find each hidden element in the game. Particularly, in the case of the section where one character is selected, the progress method differs according to each character, so that it can be seen that he enjoys another stage in fact. If you enjoy all of these elements, you do not have to pursue a deep battle, but it takes only 20 hours to see the ending. THE DISADVANTAGES ARE COMPLEMENTED, If you have just increased the volume, you will not be able to say that it has evolved easily. The essence of "Devil May Cry" series is various combo actions that utilize various technologies in the right place. Amazingly, the action of this work is abundant enough to tell that it differs in dimension from the previous work. Nero, who made simple and powerful action and successfully made his debut in the previous game, has a disadvantage in that it has a relatively uniform playing tendency compared to Dante with various weapons and styles. However, in this work, the action has become noticeably colorful as it is possible to fight with 8 different kinds of 'Devil breaker' in the right place. In particular, 'Brake Age' is used to occupy an innocent room striking sense of the whole series boasts the highest level. Considering that the method of battle varies according to the number of weapons it is equipped with, Nero also has style. In the case of Dante, he uses as many weapons as ever before in the series. However, the individuality of each weapon became very clear. For example, if the existing knuckle-type weapon had only minor changes and was the same as the self-replicating technology, this added Balrog can use both weapons with only one weapon going to and from Capoeira. king cerberus , a gang-type weapon, also tastes using a mixture of three kinds of weapons, going through the existing short trilogy, long trilogy, and long arm. If you mix all these things with other weapons and styles, you will know what it is to be able to defeat the enemy. Dante The newly added Devil May Cry 5 also boasts a very fresh charm. Once you have set up a pet to deal with, except for the weapon to replace or finish the fighting directly with the enemy is not a character to use a few skills. However, as you have to deal with several monsters in the first place, you have to move your hands so busy that you can not compare them to other characters. There are few combos that can be used, but the monsters have good performance and can attack multiple attacks at once, so there is not enough character to raise a stylish gauge. In summary, the original character in the previous work was pointed out as a disadvantage of the original, but also succeeded in maximizing the advantages of the existing. In addition, the new character came out with a charm that was never before. Especially, it is very encouraging that Devil May Cry 5 has charm and operability that are not inferior to other characters. Nero In addition, 'Devil May Cry 5' keeps the basic things that action games should have. Exquisite level design that is difficult to gradual is still available, and graphics are noticeably improved. The biggest advantage of the RE engine is that there is almost no difference between cut god and ingame directing, and this part also matches exaggerated action specific to 'Devil May Cry 5'. Especially, the part that closes up the player 's appearance by slow motion and zooming when defeating the last enemy is proud of the splendidness which is not just cut - off. In addition, the convenience was not even seen. In the meantime, you can go back to the stage and go back to the main mission to view the secret mission, "Boyd" practice space, you can exercise as much as possible. I think about the previous works, which were often lost, and there is no way to get the wrong way because there are Red Orb on the route. It is also a nice spot that consumables items have been simplified to blue or purple orbs. IMAGE Nevertheless, there is still a part of this work that is worthy of greatness. Once the mission configuration is fairly complicated. Unlike previous missions that have been conducted in time order, there are users who feel uncomfortable in this part as they are going through the story one month before and after. It is a reasonable structure when it comes to expressing personality of character or level design, but it is hard to see it as a constitution of narrative which is justifiable when viewed objectively. The fact that you can not play your favorite character at will is also unfortunate. In order to play Devil May Cry 5, you have to go through three stages in the first three stages, and you have to play more stages in different characters to play Dante. If you are affectionate to a certain character, it is a part that can be disconcerting enough. Other than that, I could not understand the level of translation of the lower level of perfection, or those who did not play the previous version, I felt that humor and ambassadors, which were hard to understand, were relatively unfriendly. THE SWEET FRUIT OF WAITING FOR 11 YEARS 'Devil May Cry 5' was a perfect action game with 11 years of waiting. The unique tight breathing and action depths of the extreme combat genre series are so unique that they have a distinctive flavor. It is a celebration to send fans who have waited for 11 years.