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The most famous Electronic sports that can not be missed in Scorum
Fantasy comes to life in these sports. The electronic sport is known as any game that combines a series of characteristics:Highly monetized tournaments In this group we have endless sports, such as Dota2, League of Legends, FIFA 18 and many more.Large community This could be one of the important ones due to the fact that more users will be the prize.Sponsors If they would not be possible for these sports to come alive. Many sponsors have their own professional teams. Among them we can find many telephone companies and big businessmen.Versatile game with difficulty The difficulty of a game is what makes it a sport, because it represents a challenge and not only that, it captivates the audience.Real-time games All electronic sports must be on time. This reason is very obvious one takes the game to another level where an error can be fatal.Check for updates The updates are part of the games. This results in correcting errors and greatly improve the gameplay.An antihack system All electronic sport must guarantee fair games. A system that should be mentioned Tibia that implements a unique mode where until now there is no corrupt system that can introduce the game.A classification system This is where the best players are shown, through a higher score or a level reached.Variety Variety is already in arms or people creates a unique atmosphere in each game.As a team or solo Most electronic sports use a group system. This makes players learn to cooperate with each other by assigning a specific role to each 1. Solo sports are gradually taking power. But it is much more difficult to ascend or win.The strategy A sport that consists only in walking can not be called electronic sport. That's why every game that wants to ascend to this list must have a unique strategy that makes players think of how they can win. The top 20 in consolesFIFA 18 Rocket League GTA V Call of Duty: WWII Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy ARK: Survival Evolved NBA2k17 EA Sports UFC 2 Horizon Zero Dawn Destiny 2 Fornite Assassin’s Creed Origins Rainbow Six: Siege Minecraft Star Wars: Battlefront Ghost Recon Wildlands Gran Turismo Sport Star Wars: Battlefront II Battlefield 4 There are many more that deserve to be on this list, but for the moment we will leave it that way. Electronic sports on PC. The prize is won, not only because the command of the PC is superior, but in the graph there is no comparison. On this platform there are hundreds of games, whether amateur or professional. The PC platform has the largest number of electronic players. This could be because some games do not require many requirements. As is the case with dota2, lol, smite and hearthstone heroes of warcraft. Unbeaten to community to give life to these games in Scorum. Communities of Scorum — News Channel — Russian Chat — Korean Chat Discord Chat

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