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The Game Awards 2018 - MTG Joins eSports, Epic Games Store Open, and a Slew of New Games!
The 2018 Game Awards tonight and it brought a slew of announcements for the eSports scene! Let's dive in! Magic: The Gathering eSports Tournament For those that love the tabletop version and have decided to try the online versions for various reasons, this is the news that enthusiasts have been waiting for! MTG is extremely competitive and with the recent launch of their online game Arena, there were a lot of whispers about their entry into the world of eSports. Well, last night brought the official announcement! Starting next year the first eSports AND tabletop tournament will begin with a combined prize pool of $10M! Online and off competitions will each have a pool of $5M up for grabs for those with the strongest deck! Right now, the top 32 players in the world are slated, but all can enter and try their hand at the tournament! The 10 tournaments will kick off next year at PAX East with the Mythic Championship! Also, for those that have Arena, you can get an eSports starter pack by entering the promo code "GameAwards"! Here is the promo video: Epic Games Store Surprise Opening A couple days ago I had briefly touched on the coming of the Steam competitor and Dev friendly store coming from Epic Games! Last night, in a surprise announcement, the store is now live! As of this moment, there are plenty of games that are active for purchase and play (some free!) and a slew of others that are marked as "coming soon" and pre-order. You can play the loved indie game Super Meat Boy for free through January 10th! But I've got my eye on the soon to be released Hades for $19.99. Something else that caught my eye is the top banner that claims to give you a free game every two weeks! There is an interesting twist to the tired game store! Pop by and take a look at the beautiful indie games on display! Or, of course, to download Fortnite if you don't already own it. New Games Announced After a long four year wait, Dragon Age 4 has finally be uttered on the stage! The teaser is brief but promising! Take a look: This one came out of nowhere and was truly one of the very unexpected things to come out of the Game Awards. Mortal Kombat 11! For all the fans of the franchise, this one looks as gruesome and gory as ever. And I am totally stoked. If you enjoy an aesthetically pleasing game, then the reveal of Atlas might be right up your alley. The game is set to release for PC this week with it coming to console in 2019. The MMO pits you against mythical creatures while you sail the high seas and adventure inland! And finally, Far Cry 5. In one of my last articles, it was mentioned that it looks like it will be the first sequel from the franchise and that has been confirmed! It will pick up from where the last Far Cry left off. It looks seriously grim... and awesome! Did you watch the Game Awards this year? Is there a game you're looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below! Stay tuned for more similar content and e-sports!! Have a fantastic day, @SammoSK

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