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Michael Jordan donated 26 million dollars to the development of esports
Dynamic development of esport comes to the the attention of sport and music stars. Many of them want to invest their capital in this modern industry. The legend of basketball, Michael Jordan, decided to do it. source Michael Jordan is associated mainly with appearances in the Chicago Bulls colors. Together with "Bulls" he won the NBA championship six times. In addition, he was twice the Olympic gold medalist. Thanks to his achievements, he was among the most outstanding athletes of the 20th century. In 2003 he ended his competitive career. After retiring, the athlete became an active businessman. In 2006 he became a co-owner of the Charlotte Hornets club. In addition, he conducts charity activities and also promotes his own clothing brand, Jordan Brand. Now he decided to invest in esports. A retired basketball player donated $ 26 million to the aXiomatic company. It was founded in 2016 by Peter Guber, co-owner of Golden State Warriors and Ted Leonsis, President of Washington Wizards. In the same year, entrepreneurs gained a larger share in Team Liquid, one of the most prestigious eSports organizations. In an esports environment, it is not difficult to identify investors with roots in the NBA. An example would be Rick Fox, former Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. Currently, he is the head of the Echo Fox eSports organization, which takes part in many prestigious tournaments. In July he took part in the Esports Forum conference. Representatives of the IOC and the gaming environment discussed the introduction of video games for the Olympic Games.What do you think? Is it a good investment? Would you like to see esport tournaments on the Olympic Games? Is it a good idea?

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