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Overwatch League Season on Twitch; Hours Watched Increases While Number of Viewers Drop
Overwatch, a game that isn’t only addictive to gamers alone. Millions of viewers from different locations in the world tune in to watch on Twitch. Although there is a drop in the number of viewers, there is a significant spike in the cumulative hours watched compared to last year. Overwatch League also called OWL had four major official live broadcasts in Portuguese, Korean, English, and French language. The number of hours viewed in a week was 6.27 million watched in contrast to 5.59 million hours of 2018. The upgrade in the number of teams from 12 to 20 led to a rise in the number of matches in week one. This had a direct effect on the number of views this year. It will be significant to note that OWL’s viewership actually drops on a yearly basis. In 2019, there are about 188,000 viewers in contrast to 237,600 viewers from 2018. The viewers were mostly fans of the newly added teams. For instance, the team, Seoul Dynasty had a very massive viewership. This was attributed to the fact that they were the only team representing South Korea. Most of the viewership were from that region on Sunday when the team played. The French channel viewership was high during the The Paris Eternal expansion team match on Saturday. The highest number of viewership was seen on the main channel during the championship rematch between the Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire . There was an all time high of about 215,000 views. On the other days of the league, the highest record was 200 thousand which was seen twice. The total viewership of Overwatch League exceeds these numbers as some viewers also watched on the game’s website and other game streaming platforms in China and other countries.

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