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PUBG Gets Hotfix. PC Players Can Now Loot Items
One bug faced by PUBG players was the inability to loot players. The hotfix was for for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG Corporation released the update to fix a problem that made the game a lite bit annoying to play. The goal of the game and any other type of battle royale video game is to survive for as long as possible and win. Players need to do everything possible to win. This includes looting all that needs to be looted for survival. Removing this bug makes it easy to loot. It was a hard job looting before the hotfix. Although not all items are unlootable, the update seem to bring some serenity to players. PUBG Corp. has made some announcement within the game’s network on reddit and twitter that the hotfix wouldn’t cause any downtime. Players will only need to restart their steam client. The bug was detected just after the release of update 26 which added 2 vehicles to the Vikendi map. It also added the Flare gun to call for loot or a ride when the player needs help. The looting issue which was resolved, isn’t the only problem in the latest PUBG patch. PUBG Corp announced on Reddit that they were aware of the following issues and are looking towards solving them.: PUBG Issues • Some foliage obstruct bullet movement • Vehicles don’t stop even when you apply brakes • Some closed doors seem to be open when close to them • Flare Gun spawns and with load noise Flare Guns are meant to be rare but they seem to be everywhere. PUBG’s loot-centered hotfix is live on the PC platform. Do you play PUBG? I love this update. Do you love it.?