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RED DEAD REDEMPTION ONLINE BETA VERSION Released| Let's shoot 'The Outlaw of the Night' with our friends!
"Red Dead Online" Beta Version Has Been Launched Red Dead Online launched its beta test on Tuesday. The game is a multiplayer mode for Red Dead Redemption 2, which was released on October 26th on PS4 and Xbox One. as GTA 5 has gone beyond simple packaged games through multiplayer mode 'GTA Online' to make games last longer like online games, 'Red Dead Online' also got much anticipation from gamer's before the release. You can organize a gang to build a camp and play a cooperative mission. (Pictures: Rockstar Games) WESTERN FAVORITES, VARIOUS MULTI-CONTENT When you start Red Dead Online, you can create your own character, not your existing character. From gender to skin color, age, body shape and features can be selected from the preset menu. Afterwards, they can form a gang with friends, play a story-based cooperative mission, or compete against other players in online matches. You can also help or attack other players and enjoy online-only additional missions. Such missions and explorations can result in various items depending on level-up and increase the player's level of ability. In addition, 12 types of rewards can be obtained through activities that take place throughout the open world, including battles, hunting, nouns, and survivors. Just like single play, honor goes up or down depending on the player's decisions and actions in the game. From simple interactions to important decisions, various choices affect the player's honor. Such an honor level changes the response the world has to the player and the nature of the mission that can be accomplished. One's own credit or honor leads to another mission. (source) Do You Build Virtue Or Build Up Business? When you reach the "stranger icon" all over the map, you can start the wander mode mission. You can meet an NPC in a single play, and the task assigned depends on the player's honor. For example, a player with a high honor number is given a guarding mission, and a player with a low honor count is given a prison break. This honor system also applies to cooperative missions where two or four players play together. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• DEPENDING ON THE PLAY PREFERENCE, YOU WILL BE ASSIGNED A DIFFERENT PERSONALITY ROLE picture source It's A Fight That's Been Made In Online Matches. In 'Red Dead Online', not only mission but also various players can interact. Players can ride their horses and participate in open races scattered on the map, and fight in a stadium out of the field. Five combat content to be released early in the test is as follows: SHOOTOUT' is a normal Death Match shootout. The player will continue to revive until the end of the game, and the more the better the opponent will win. In case of a tie, SuddenDeath will start, and the team that makes the kill first wins. Next, 'follow The Conditions' is a trendy battle-royal style, where players must survive to the end with only bow or pitch knives. Over time, safety zones are becoming smaller and require strategic play.VARIOUS TYPES OF ONLINE MATCHES Online matches There Are Various Types Of Matches In Online Matches. The first-class melee winner wins the most points through enemy action. The higher the kill point, the higher the score you get in the neck, and the better the score, the more likely it will become a target. In the "battle of occupation," teams that occupy more areas win. It is also possible to secure the loss by preoccupying all areas with the opponent. Finally, the "best weapon" is a mode in which a person gets higher points when he or she removes enemies with an unruly weapon. Picture source (Daily Express) ONLINE MODE IS OPENED SEQUENTIALLY AT 2:00 O'CLOCK EVERY DAY Red Dead Online will open stores and add new missions, vehicles and game modes through future updates. If you are fan of Red Dead Redemption, Let me know of what you Think on and about the launch of 'The Red dead Online Beta' Thanks 🎮mycr7🎮