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Player history: Go) Space
Let's return for a while in 2006-2009, the heyday of competitive Warcraft 3. The times when we played for food in tier-3 leagues, and the progamers shared quite good prizes at major tournaments. But I don’t want to tell you about the epoch, but about one player, he was nicknamed “The Last Undead” because he managed to win orcs in times of imbalance, when it seemed impossible for the Undead. He inspired thousands of players around the world, but not with an outstanding microcontrol, but with his spirit and thirst to live. Park "Go)Space" Seung Hyun suffered from muscular dystrophy, a condition in which his muscles little by little ceased to function. But despite this, he defeated Lyn at the peak of his form in 2008. All ordinary players could assign hotkeys from 1 to 9, and Go)Space only from 1 to 4, but it was enough for him to act on the same level with the top players at major tournaments. Time passed tournaments in Korea was less, warcraft gradually faded away, and with it, and control over the body of Go)Space. Now he could use the keys from 1 to 3, and then only 1 and 2 at all. "I want to live to 30, not more." "Why?" “Because when I can't play games, my life will be unbearable” At first it was just fun. Due to illness, he could not play with ordinary children and therefore constantly tried to find ways to entertain himself until he became acquainted with Warcraft 3. At first, he just chatted, where everyone treated him as an equal, he played more and more. Victory numbers grew and in those moments he felt alive again. In 2005, he joined the team "Go" and in the same year he took the first line of Warcraft 3 Season Ladder. He tried to join many teams, but he refused after learning that he could not be on bootcamps and team meetings. But the British organization Fnatic believed in him. It was a new round of his motivation, he won Lyn in the first season of the AWL, which was a sensation. -What is the red bracelet on your hand? -When I participated in a tournament in China, one woman gave it to me and said that my big fan, it turned out that in China and Europe I am much more famous than at home in South Korea. On May 6, 2013, he passed away after 15 years of fighting the disease, 7 years of the competitive Warcraft 3 scene. At that time he was 25. He never managed to complete his last quest. P.S This is more than the story of a warcraft player. When we watched his matches in 2008, we all sincerely supported him, as if for our team, our friend or brother. When we lost motivation and did not understand why we were playing, I always remembered him, because he knew exactly what for.