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How Enjin Coin (and Crypto Games in General) Could Alter the World of Streaming
Everybody knows that streaming has become one of the most popular platforms of showcasing games in the modern world, but what happens when we add Crypto into this mix? The world of Crypto can have an insurmountable positive impact in the realm of streaming if we push things in the right direction. In the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that we are about to be in, streaming will hit an entirely new level of fun, if the two worlds of Crypto and Streaming allow themselves to merge appropriately. Outside of Enjin, I have had some brief conversations with members of Fuel Games, who are behind the creation of the up and coming "Gods Unchained" TCG. They haven't been able to give specific details yet, but have mentioned they have fun plans for incentivizing streaming, and making it as enjoyable as possible (for both the viewer and the streamer). What makes this so interesting is the fact that this is an additional facet of value for those involved in creating streams. Imagine being given 10 sets of a unique card back in game. You use this card back on your stream, and people see it. They know that you've been given 10 sets, and are incredibly interested. As the streamer, you can choose to do anything you want with this, as they're fully in your ownership. You set up a giveaway for a few of these sets, and it helps grow your fan base. You auction off another couple sets. This not only helps grow your outreach, but you are also compensated for all of the work you do at the same time you're getting something unique out into the community member's hands. This is an incredibly simple and small example of what can come from the world of Crypto for streamers. If the games and the streamers work together, it becomes something on a whole different level for both the viewers and the streamers, and it benefits every party involved. I also understand this is meant to be more Enjin based (for the sake of the competition), but I did get explicit permission from Swolesome to talk about how Crypto outside of Enjin (GU NFTs specifically) could also heavily impact our current world of streaming. We are still in such an infant stage when it comes to Crypto, but if the interactions and involvement from the developers and streamers reach the heights that I think they could, there is no party that doesn't benefit. Also, if you are interested in checking out some simple game play from GU, you can see a video of one of my previous streams below :) I'm hoping to get involved with Fuel (and Enjin) as much as I can in the future to help bring streams to the community that come with unique content and fun giveaways! I look forward to seeing the future we can create, and the insanely positive impact Enjin, and all Crypto, is capable of having on the streaming community. I hope this is something that gets you guys thinking, and feel free to shoot me a follow on Twitch if you want to see some future streams of mine ;)