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Good News and Bad- Assassin's Creed Announces For Honor Crossover, Blizzard goes full grinch with naughty list, Twitch drops Tournament News.
The holidays are showing no signs of stopping when it comes to gaming gifts left under the tree! Every day is bringing a new sale or a new development in the eSports and gaming sphere. 2018 has been a remarkable year for the industry and it looks like 2019 is going to hold as many surprises! Let's take a look! Twitch Holding its own Tournament Twitch announced yesterday that they are beginning their own tournament dubbed "Twitch Rivals" and it will be a whole new twist on viewing! Twitch has always been the cornerstone for streamers and eSports but this is the first time they have decided to put on an event solely hosted on the platform! Rivals will pit streamers against each other in the form of 16 teams and the play will be shown by each streamer's PoV on their own channels and on the main broadcast! The prize pool is an awesome $75,000 and the tournament is set to kick off January 15th. However, we won't know who is competing and much else about the structure of the event until it gets closer to time for the premiere! But I think it is safe to say that some of the biggest Twitch streamers will be competing in LoL, Overwatch, CS:GO and more to be announced! For Honor Welcomes Assassin's Creed As of yesterday, Ubisoft has launched a crossover with the intense third-person game For Honor and Assassin's Creed. The first crossover event is going to be playable on all platforms today through January 20th! It brings the power of Animus to For Honor and allows you to live through the detailed backstory of Vikings, Samurai's, Wu Lin, and Knights! The addition of Animus brings a whole new level to the intense skilled combat and a new backstory in the form of "For the Creed". In this mode, it transports you to a time where all the factions waged war on each other. A lot of the crossover additions add leaps of faith, and even AC maps and Animus glitches into cutscenes and play. It looks like a masterfully done crossover! Take a peek for yourself: Blizzard has an Official Naughty List Keeping in the spirit of the season, Blizzard has released a first of its kind ledger for Overwatch players that have been not-so-nice during competition. The "Discipline Tracker" is a new arrival in the eSports world, even though many other professional sports keep a list of fouls and wrongs by players. It was truly only a matter of time before it made its way to eSports tournaments with their growing legitimacy in the eye of the public. The public ledger makes it possible for fans and authorities alike to track the behaviour, misconduct, and discipline dished out to players. It has been live for 24 hours and already seven players have made it onto the list for infractions, and some are pending review. It will be extremely handy to find frequent offenders during the season and keep a closer eye on their gaming. Especially if they are known to exploit loopholes on a frequent basis. This will likely be implemented soon with other competitive games from Blizzard, and undoubtedly, will find its way to the rest of the gaming community. So you better be good! Do you know of anyone that will make it on the ledger if it were to expand to other titles? Has the crossover made you interested in playing For Honor? Who do you think will compete in Rivals? Let me know in the comments below! Stay tuned for more similar content and e-sports!! Have a fantastic day, @SammoSK