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Philippine Team TNC Predator changed rosters
TNC Predator (L-R Kuku, Raven, Armel, Sam_H and Tims) - Image Source It is quite a good journey for the Philippine Dota 2 team TNC Predator that made them really famous in Asia as well as internationally. They do have acquired a good record and performance making a place and even win in several Dota 2 tournaments. As a team, they have managed to be able to qualify in The International events for three consecutive years. Those achievements were heavily recognized by Filipino Dota 2 fans and being supported. They are the most loved team in the Philippines and that in every game almost all Filipino Dota 2 fans make sure to stream it and watch every game. There are several changes of active players but mostly who are imports but this time two core players leave the team. It is quite unexpected for Filipino Dota 2 fans for a sudden changed of rosters. I think the reason of the change of rosters are due to the performance in the last The International where TNC Predator didn't make it to the Upper Bracket and at the same time, there were knockout easily in Lower Bracket against Mineski. Many did expect that TNC makes a progress because of their experiences but seems things were not what we expect and that their early exit in the tournament was a heartbreak for many Filipinos. But still, TNC did manage to have a good game against other participating teams in Group Stage and giving all they've got but other teams are very competitive that TNC does have a hard time beating them. TNC still holds the top ranking in Dota 2 SEA and Oceana but have dropped in world ranking because of their consecutive losses against VGJ.Storm, Team Serenity, Team Secret, and Mineski in The International 2018. I am sure that they will regain back what was lost in terms of points and get back to top 10 in world rankings. Goodbye Raven and Sam_H Sam_H and Raven - Image Source Both Raven and Sam_H have helped TNC Predator during their journey on several tournaments. They have shared both failures and success which formed them as a very successful Philippine Dota 2 of all time in Philippine history. Their achievements are hard to be replicated by any Filipino Dota 2 teams and with both Raven and Sam_H apart of TNC, I am sure that there would be some changes on it. Raven will be playing to another team and continue his career in Dota 2 while Sam_H still at free agency. After a couple of days after some vacant seats, Gabbi of Clutch Gamers and ninjaboogie of Meneski joins up the ranks of TNC Predator making it another solid roster that can really give competitive plays, especially on upcoming tournaments. With the new rosters in the team, will TNC Predator still able to qualify The International for their fourth consecutive time or they will be having a hard time qualifying. But still, I do full support of my favorite Dota 2 team TNC Predator.