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[Auto Chess] Advanced Tips
For anyone that didn't already hear about this mod in Dota 2, be sure to check out my last post. Been playing it for about 2 weeks now and I'd like to share some tips that helped me and will help new and even intermediate players. Mechs and Warriors For The Early Game (Especially Mech/Goblin)I said this in my first post but this is really a solid strategy because of the synergies they give you are probably the most powerful ones in the early stage when there are fewer units on the board. Mech and Goblin synergies go well together because most mechs are also goblins and having both give a significant advantage, also getting Bounty Hunter into the mix because he is a goblin and a great unit in general, makes up for a go-to composition. Mechs also give you the frontline units much needed in all stages of the game. Warriors in the same fashion, give you a great frontline with tanky units, Axe is a good first pick-up and combining him with someone like Juggernaut gives you an extra Orc synergy that gives even more HP to already tanky units. Don't Go For 3-star Units This is something I learned from my stubbornness to force myself to go for a 3-star unit as early as possible and then starting to lose the grip of the game from the mid-game to the point of no return. There are a couple of problems when going for the 3-star units: 1. Bench space. Oh god, how much space it takes to make a 3-star unit. Too much! First, you need to make a 2-star unit that will probably be on the board and then you need another 2-star unit and for the last one, you need 3 more 1-stars. That's half of the bench! 2. Too much time! Another problem when making a 3-star unit is that when you are trying to build one, you are most likely ignoring other picks that would be good for your team and while leveling up you get better units to pick (most of the time) 3. More synergies, please. While building that 3-star unit you will probably need to change your composition which almost always involves changing your synergies and that will probably worsen the unit you are trying to upgrade, so just don't do it! Well, of course, there are times to go for 3-star units, but most of the time you have to get lucky. Save that for the late game when you already have good team composition and you need little to zero changes in your team and the space on your bench gets less important. This doesn't apply to Druids since their synergy gives them the ability to level up with only 2 of the same units. Demons and Attack Damage Items This one is obvious if you are aware of how the demons work. The "synergy" says: Active when you control only one demon on the chessboard: Deal extra 50% pure damage to your target The reason this is important is because of the effect applies after the attack damage modifier and that essentially powers up the item also. Being pure damage it also ignores damage reduction which is like a cherry on the top. Dilute Shop Pool For those that don't know, the chess shop has a shared pool of units between all players, so let's say that someone is buying every Razor they see lowers the chance that any other player will be presented Razor in their shop. Looking at other players and what units/synergies they are going for and buying units they need can disrupt their strategies in a very interesting way. I wouldn't recommend doing this if you don't float a decent amount of gold or you see someone going out of control with the strength of their team. This strategy is a bit difficult to manage with the already short time between the round so use it when you get comfortable with building your team quickly, well that is the most important thing you need to focus on. Manage your gold This is crucial because of the gold mechanic that gives you interest depending on how much gold you have in the bank. Having over 50 gold gives you an extra 5 gold per round and you should be getting that every round you can. The easiest way to accomplish this is by ignoring the "refresh store" button (D) as long as you can. If you lose a couple of rounds don't panic and start to look for all of the things you need. You have 100 HP and use that as a resource, you won't lose the game until you are at 0 so take it easy. Using the level up ability (F) should be done only when you will actually get a level and when you are behind on the unit count. You can only get to level 10 so there is no rush. Having over 50 gold can give you a big advantage over the span of the game and in the late game to build a monster team in just a round or two so you can wait with the "trigger" until you are at low HP. These are some of the things that helped me achieve better results in this amazing mod of Dota 2, I hope these tips help you too. If you think I missed something or I'm doing something wrong, let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading! , z3ll

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