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Esports 2018: Numbers, Stats & Money Of The Most Popular Games and Streamer
According to data released by SuperData Fortnite is the game with the biggest gains in a year in the history of video games. Always referring to the SuperData report there are lots of interesting data to analyze concerning Fortnite and the GVC (Gaming Video Content) industry in general: Fortnite earned $ 2.4 billion in 2018 80% of the entire market revenue is derived from free-to-play games Digital games revenue jumped to $109.8B in 2018, up 11% year-over-year The Asian market free-to-play is almost twice that of the rest of the world PUGB is the highest-earning premium title of 2018 Ninja is top1 streamer in the world in hour watched All data and images in this post are taken from the annual report of SuperData and are their property and are free to download from their site. Impressive is the amount of money collected by mobile devices: almost twice the size of the PC and almost five times greater for the consoles. Fortnite has destroyed all records and has changed the way of conceiving free-to-play on both the consumer and the producer side. Red Dead Redemption 2 has confirmed expectations by reaching expected monetary gains and being the premium game that best performed in Q4 2018 and will continue to grow in 2019. VR equipment is starting to make space in this world with Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. The trend of premium games ie those games to buy and then play has virtually disappeared in Asia where instead it is free-to-play has become viral and massive. The numbers of the F2P videogame market in Asia in 2018 almost 80% of all digital games revenue. In Europe and North America, the premium game continues to go strong but the numbers are still far from the F2P market. See the tables below: The GVC market dominated by Twitch Despite the much smaller numbers of Youtube, Twitch has become the number 1 in the production of gaming content. Having been the first to insert donations and channel subscription has launched a new way to monetize that now, slowly, all the other giants are trying to implement copying it, I am talking about Youtube and Facebook. It is interesting to mention that even in the decentralized blockchain world two platforms have been created where you can stream your video games: DLive and Play2Live. Both very interesting and with a Twitch style platform give their streamer and viewer many more incentives of the Amazon giant but lacking in economic power to acquire customers and so we will hardly see them overwhelm the centralized giant Twitch. The streamer phenomenon has now started and seems unstoppable. There are also numerous tutorials on Google or Youtube that give advice on how to set up your streaming station, how to engage with your community and many other tips on how to improve from streamer. It is now the dream of many children and is due to characters like Ninja that streaming managed to earn millions of dollars.