Among the sports of world competition are exclusively physical sports and sports on wheels, but among sports on wheels there is also a sport that combines the physical part of the athlete with the mechanical part and is also a sport on wheels; cycling.


Cycling is a more demanding sport in the sports world, and in addition to the physical and mental preparation, an adequate synchronization between the athlete and the bicycle is needed.

If the cyclist is in optimal conditions, but does not have machinery well prepared by the mechanic to keep his iron horse in perfect condition, nothing will serve his excellent physical and mental conditions.

The cyclist needs a lot of power, a lot of strength or vigor and a high resistance in his lower extremities, but also his arms must be very strong especially for the road competition, especially in the mountains.

In speed competitions the cyclist needs a lot of power and skills, in addition to having a good mental concentration.

The other sports on wheels, fundamentally only need that its mechanics are of the first line to keep their vehicles in perfect conditions and on the part of the pilot, skill and mental concentration to be able to maneuver with a lot of security, especially in the curves and to be able to reach the success.

The motor racing

Motor racing requires the driver, in addition to these conditions, a lot of self-confidence and the courage to drive at a high speed during a relatively long period that generates in the end much fatigue and physical and mental wear.

The motor racing enthusiast may think that a motor racing driver does not have physical wear and tear and is completely false because due to the time he must remain sitting driving his car and maintaining a constant concentration, plus the type of suit that is used in a competition, can reach to lose up to 1 kilogram of your body weight in a single race.


Motorcycling is not far behind and also generates a lot of tension and wear on a competitive motorcyclist since in addition to the permanent control that you must have on your two-wheeled vehicle, you must maintain a balance that maintains the speed of your motorcycle.

The skating

The skating has several modalities, but the most competitive in the world are ice skating, track skating and figure skating.

In these two sports both in motorcycling and in skating, balance and concentration are essential, but in skating the strength that skaters must have on their legs must be greater. For the motorcyclist the effort that must be maintained in individual competition, as in the sports of groups such as ice hockey and turf is greater than what these athletes, and that should be considered gifted in sports.

In short, sports on wheels are not as simple and easy as you might think and like purely physical sports, they need an excellent preparation to maintain a highly competitive level.

My recognition to all these athletes who are rarely recognized and very few get to have the reputation of physical athletes.

And what do you think about sports on wheels? Which wheel sport have you practiced or would you like to practice? I'd love to hear your thoughts