Glasgow European Championship: men scored the best time, women second best time.

Francesco Lamon, Liam Bertazzo, Elia Viviani and Filippo Ganna scored 3’56”509 evaluated as the best time in the Glasgow 2018 European Championship Cycling team pursuit. The European quartet opening day has revealed a great surprise to its avid fan, on one hand the Great Britain which succeed by a whisper in despite of the fact that they are world reigning champions and so considered the favourite winners, on the other hand Italians scored the best time.


Although the Great Britain four players Emadi, Hayter, Wood e Burke scored a time of 3’58”529 that has resulted as a fourth time (only for 217 thousandths of a second better than Russia), however they are one of the great preoccupation for the Italian team that will face them tonight. Italian coach is very angry about this situation because even if their adversary has won by a stroke of luck, it will be surely very difficult for Italy to beat them because they will be more excited about the competition and since the moment they have risked to be eliminated surely will use other players in order to be stronger than previously. At the same it should be also taken into account that the Italian success was really unexpected for them. So we can only wait for tonight in order to understand if Italians can finally eliminate Great Britain or if this last will take the advantage of the previous stroke of luck and will succeed.


Women Italian team has also done a great job in this type of race, the quartet composed by Letizia Paternoster, Elisa Balsamo, Marta Cavalli and Silvia Valsecchi has, in fact, scored a time of 4’21”928, better than them only the Great Britain that also in this case is considerate the favourite for the qualification. Anyway, it should be taken in consideration the fact that they scored a time far better than the German which represents their next challenge to the gold medal, but in despite of this it won’t be so easy for Italians to confirm the same qualification they get in Berlin.

To conclude, it should be said that in this competition, the most important thing for the athletes is to gain as point as possible because they will constitute the qualification points for Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics together with the points that will be collected in 2019 and 2020 World and European cup.