With the sports fixture list decimated at the moment, the sport of Darts has come up with a new tournament format in which players compete with each other over the Internet.

One player has made headlines being the first to hit the fabled 9 dart finish in this new format, his name is Luke Woodhouse, not a player I have heard of before.

Having watched the clip I found it very difficult to watch, I guess its hard to adjust from the high quality multiple angle images you get when events are televised. Also you only get to see the dart board, I guess most people don't have multiple camera's and it would take quite a bit of setting up. The quality of the video is variable to, for instance the dart board on the left it was very difficult at times to see where the actual darts had landed.

I guess it's hard to be to critical, at least its an attempt to put on an event and I am sure they well improve on it if a future competition is put on.

I wonder what might be next? Maybe 10 Pin Bowling players with their own Bowling Lane could compete against each other?

I know that Chess is being played more online and the top players are playing in speed chess tournaments in which it is extremely difficult to cheat and engine analysis could be used if needed to detect cheating.

Apart from that I can't think of any other sports making a transition to online anytime soon.

What do you think?

Luke Woodhouse Hits Nine Darter