There are many sports that need nature to be practiced and executed in the right way, these sports attract my attention, although I have only practiced 2 of them such as rock climbing and surfing, my perception about these sports and I imagine that those who practice them daily also goes beyond because it is a very exciting and interesting connection.

Being outdoors in contact with nature practicing a sport that connects reciprocally with mother nature is gratifying and special. Using spaces in natural environments unites us in the most constructive and healthy way to all the natural wonders that exist on our planet.

The air, the water, the rocks, the trees, all those factors to which we must keep respect because they are vital elements for the life in our land, in these extreme sports are fundamental.

I know that in order to better reflect what we absorb, it is necessary to know how to capture it, that is why it is important when we are writers that our readers understand perfectly what we want to communicate, in this case these sports make our conscience increase the value we give to nature through the practice of sports.

And I also think it is extremely important that through these sports practices in all these sports that are interconnected with nature there are environmental conservation campaigns as an indispensable requirement, of course most of those who have been practicing these sports for years have an implicit conservationist conscience, but I point this out in reference to the general public, so that it serves as a platform to create conscience in all possible directions.

The freedom and dose of adrenaline that we can live with the practice of these sports is the most genuine and pleasant, of course there are also the risks, but there is a saying that says no risk does not win. When I was surfing or rock climbing I was very happy when I was about to arrive and saw the landscape of the beach for surfing, or when I arrived at the park and saw all those trees and rock walls for climbing was a very pleasant feeling.

If you like this type of extreme sports that are interconnected with nature and practice them or have thought about practicing them leave me your opinions and comments on the subject.