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Yeah, yeah, yeah...I was told we would be flying high this week....

Hold on! By flying, you mean in an Aeroplane, helicopter or .... Damn! Are you kidding me?


This is me rolling out another dramatic article for the Freaky Friday contest, one of the two weekly contests organized by Pete. These contests of his were created to help acknowledge upcoming/struggling bloggers and help push them towards the PRO zone. I won't ever get bored of telling each and every user in this platform and even the outsiders of the benevolence of Pete, check the link below and put in your article if it interests you...


OK, Can you please rephrase the point where you made mention of flying high without an aero, heli or something of that sort... Hey, just hold on, definitely not me. I could handle flying in an Aero, barely handle an Helicopter and you are referring to flying in the name of Sports?


All through my life I have been afraid of heights. Whenever I stand for example on the roof of a building and look down from an edge, it seems like two worlds apart. I could barely look down for more than 10 seconds for it would seem like I am going to fall and break legs, ankles and at worst skull in my imagination, pretty bad isn't.

Here goes Mr Stanley, sitting comfortably with legs crossed on my favorite chair in our sitting room. I was called down by Dad to come answer to Mr Stanley's invitation while playing video games in my room. When I heard the name Mr Stanley, I shrugged and murmured, "What could that annoying man be wanting in this house again? Has he come for the wrong reasons again?" The last time Mr Stanley visited, it was to report to my parents of my getting into a fight at school during physical activities, although I wasn't the person that initiated the fight, whatever Mr Stanley told my parents, I have no idea about, but I was disciplined badly for something I didn't initiate. From that day onwards, Mr Stanley became a frenemy, he remained my friend because of good grades(Lol)..

Well, I quietly walked down while looking annoyingly at Mr Stanley from the space between the upper and lower steps, after I stepped down totally, Mr Stanley turned to me and smiled. That smile of his gave me hope of a better happening this time around. I was told to have a sit as he adjusted himself before putting down his reason for coming.


After hearing what Mr Stanley has to say as the reason for his visit, I was sitting totally shocked with mouth ajar, you seriously need to see my expression that moment for I could barely believe my ears.

Mr Stanley our Sports Teacher gave us a test last week titled "PUT DOWN YOUR WORST FEAR" in few words,, litle did I know that the brilliant Sports Teacher has other plans in mind.

Unfortunately for Austino, while some wrote down fear of wild animals or injuries as their worst fear, I wrote down "THE FEAR OF HEIGHTS".

Mr Stanley had special plans in mind of making every one of us face our worst fear. I got to know of every plans of his that fateful morning, to those with fear of wild animals, they were taken to the zoo. For those with fear of injuries in sports, they were meant to work tirelessly at the gym and other tough physical activities. While few of us that wrote Fear Of Heights as our worst fear were to engage in something that looks like an extreme sport..You can call it an extreme sport and be applauded for that, because the truth is, this was way beyond extreme sport.

After Mr Stanley left, I could barely eat nor play the video games I was playing before his arrival. I was totally thunderstruck as I am about to go far higher than I have ever gone and look to the ground saying "I GOT YA!" It was totally unbelievable, but Mr Stanley and the school authorities saw it as a means of helping we youths grow and mature.

In truth, I thought of dropping out of school than engage in that kind of activity. I just couldn't imagine the scenario, as thoughts of losing whatever help I was attached to and falling down hard to the ground kept wriggling inside my head. My parents tried to convince me of the benefits of facing my worst fear, they went on to tell me that it will go a long way in helping me face up to any difficulty in life and win them. I was moved a bit but still couldn't see myself engaging in such, not until my Mom met the one person she knew will get me into doing it, my girlfriend.


Jenny came by with her usual romantic play and adorable kisses and touches, I was fully responding to stimuli, little did I know she had another reason for visiting aside coming to see me. Suddenly she went mute, after about 10 seconds, she spoke up, "Baby, you didn't tell me". I turned surprisingly at her and replied, "Tell you what?" Her reply stupefied me as I kept insisting she tell me who told her about it. But then, it dawned on me that she was one of the closest non relation to Mummy, I bet Mummy must have told her as she feels Jenny is the one person that will get me into doing it by all means.

Jenny finally left angrily after bashing me with harsh words like she is beginning to see me as less of a man. That statement struck me and weakened my nerves. After deep thought, I decided to withhold my dignity as a man. I came down after some minutes Jenny left and told Mum and Dad that I have agreed to do it. They hugged me and convinced me it is for the greater good, and promised me of my total safety as there would be fellow professional divers with me.


On this fateful and rather ridiculous Friday, I faced up to the fact that I would be doing something that would make me more of a man, at least according to Jenny. I had to do it for Dad and Mum, for Jenny and if I am more rational with my reasoning, for myself.

We arrived school and were taken to the air zone. We were lectured on how to strap the wings to our backs, and do the necessary. We were assured that there would be professional divers diving with the three of us lest we get so afraid and confused.

Our plane took off and after sometime, we were told to strap up. Minutes later the door was opened and the rest was history...