So with the upcoming Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2-Stroke only event things are heating up in the never ending battle between 4-Strokes and 2-Strokes haha. It's also bringing with it a ton of memories and throw backs to the heyday of the 2-Stroke, the nineties!

"Mixing gass and haulin ass!"

Pretty much sums up the nineties and what a time it was for both Supercross and Motocross. The colours, the crazy styles, the hair and the helmet fins haha it was a crazy time and one i remember vividly.

It was the time of legends like Ricky Carmicheal, Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana and Jeff Emig and man did they make an impact! Things were different back then, not the regimented strict diet and training schedules like the modern era. They partied, drank beer and were rarely seen without a group of girls surrounding them. They were loud and brash and they rode dirt bikes, i mean they were total rock stars and in their prime.

Red Bull have released this video ahead of the upcoming Straight rhythm event to build up the hype and it's a great throwback to some awesome memories.

The 90s Were Cooler - 2-Strokes and Frosted Tips

The nineties was also responsible for the emergence of freestyle motocross. This was born out of the rebelious culture which gained popularity around the sport and made people like Mike Metzger, Casey Johnson, Damon Huffman and Larry Linkogle famous names.

It was the first time that people were applauded as much for crashing as they were for pulling off perfectly executed tricks and stunts. It was from this culture that shows like Jackass and Dirty Sanchez were born and it was as fast paced as it was stupid lol. Throttle Junkies was at the height of the craziness and i have no idea how half of these guys survived these shows...

That being said they are great viewing and i would love to be back in that time, carefree and wild as they are :) Now i need to get back to work so i can afford to fund a time machine to revisit these great times haha.

THROTTLE JUNKIES (1997) - Part 1

THROTTLE JUNKIES (1997) - Part 2