Of course, there are many dangerous sports in the world.

However, there are some with a higher rate of death or injury. As a person who is a little afraid of heights, I don't think anyone can convince me to try 'Base Jumping'

In base jumping, you will have a higher rate of dying. Basically, when you do base jumping, you just jump from a tall building, natural features or structures.

Base jumpers deploy a parachute in order to land safely but it is still not that safe.

According to statistics, deaths per 100.000 population is 43.17 and your odds of dying is 1 in 2317.

The difference between parachuting is that if the first parachute does not work, you will have very short time to use the 2nd one. 

This sport is illegal in many countries because it is done mostly without medic help and safety teams. It is still done by many people in order the feel adrenaline.

Below, you can see an example video of this fun but dangerous sport.