Skydiving is one if the extreme sports in which the least fatalities are recorded. In the United States, 1 out of 500,000 people have accidents as a result of human error.

You won't die if you have a glide . Trust me.

What if I told you that asides having its down side as an extreme sport, skydiving has loads of benefits. Will you believe?

It is good to have some adrenaline pump once in a while but the benefits exceed that.

For me, it’s a sport I must take part in before I die.

After watching some reality tv celebrities have some fun-filled 15 minutes of their lifetime.

Although I am not a fan of reality shows as some activities are mere publicity stunt, I can say the act sparks a moment of unforgettable pleasures.

How is the feat accomplished?

Extreme sports athletes fall freely from a space vehicle at heights above 10,000 feet at up to 100-150 miles per hour for 50 seconds to 5 minutes.

The sport is also called paragliding as the sports men and women glide in the air and even display interesting acts associated with forming letters, objects or sending a message to the world.

Skydiving requires a lot of mental strength and emotional stability. Here are some benefits of Skydiving.

Maybe you’ll attempt to Skydive after reading this.

1. Skydiving helps to get distracted from the stress of life. You get to put all your strength on the activity as you know your life depends on it. Often, a skydiving guide straps new divers to himself and helps you through the activity.

2. It helps feel a sense of achievement regardless of your past success. Before diving, you can’t really tell if you can do it. During the activity, you are fully focused on achieving this and at the end, you feel that sense of accomplishment which can help you make more real life achievements after the event.

3. It refreshes your mental state of mind. Yes, it does. After going through the activity, your mind gets refreshed, stress is gone and you get to see things from a nee point of view.

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4. It kills fear. You just become brave enough to handle things that made you afraid in the past.

5. Skydiving helps remove wrinkles. When the face is made to go against the pressure from the free fall at a high speed, the skin produces Vitamin E, collagen and some oils to prevent air from penetrating the pores. These antioxidants and secretions help the skin of the face get lots of nourishment and when this is repeated time after time, wrinkles have no place on the face.

Skydiving is one of the activities I just added to my bucket list.

Will you have it on yours too?

Thanks for reading.

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