I was reminiscing about a childhood fairytale and I busted into laughter, am sure my neighbour must have wondered what must have made me let out such a loud laughter, if that sound was a scream or one that denotes pain am sure my nieghbours would have tried calling 911. While growing up, I remember I was about 5 or 6 years then, my father will always say to me “my son, always make sure you do things outside the box” and guess what? I removed all my things from my box and kept them outside the box. Don’t blame me blame a naïve little boy who didn’t know dad was actually referring to me pushing my thinking beyond limits.

Everyone got a fairytale memory to share, some were really freaky at some points because somehow they put a lot of fear in the kids minds and they either react to them inadequately like I did in my case or probably grow with some certain phobia, aside such cases they are really funny when you grow up to find out the truth behind the story you were and you just can’t help but laugh.

And that was how dads “think outside the box” thing got me inside the bullfighting ring with the legendary Raton who was nicknamed el terrible Raton (the terrible mouse), el toro asesino (the killer bull), el sangriento toro (the bloody bull). Yes, I have always done many challenging task but I never planned with a notorious bull known over Spain responsible of many casualties to madators and picador in bullfighting in Spain.

A little aback

Let me do a little introduction of my background, my name is Juan Rodrigo, my parents are Felipe and Ariana Rodrigo both from Palma de Mallorca here in Spain, we are not the richest around but we are comfortable in terms of financial status. Being the only child of my parents I enjoyed every single thing that comes with that position to the fullest.

Coincidentally I got into a serious relationship with Queen Letzia’s daughter (Mia) whom of cause stays in Mallorca, I knew at some point they were prices to pay for falling in love with a royal blood but I never for once knew the height of it till I was told.

I met Mia a year ago when I went to the grocery store to get some items, after my shopping I going to the cashier to pay for my item and there was Mia who was standing in front of the cashier looking helpless as she tried to make the cashier understands she forgot her credit card at home,

as I walked towards her, the smell of her sweet perfume I perceived even from about 10 yards away is enough to give life to a dying man.

Me; hey what could be the problem “I inquired from Mia”

Mia; is nothing I can handle it “as expected a royal status wouldn’t want to bring her ego down before a commoner”

But I wasn’t going to walk away at least not after getting the attention of the most beautiful lady I have seen since the beginning of the year, so I continued playing cool with her

Me; is fine you can tell me what the problem is I will be glad to be of help

Mia; I really don’t want to bother you with my problem, I will sort it out soon

Me; “there she goes again still don’t want to give in, so I replied” you know it will be a sin on my part if I fail to help a pretty lady out

Just then, I saw butterfly through her eyes as she almost gave out a mild smile

Mia; okay, I forgot my credit card and I have been trying to get to someone at home to bring it over all to no avail.

Before she could say the next sentence I have handed my card to the cashier to take her bills from mine and I also sorted my bills. I walked Mia to her beautiful Porsche car parked outside the grocery shop, after thanking me for the favour rendered I cut in with my request,

Me; the best thanks you can offer me now is giving me your phone number

She smiled and replied “sure I can give you that, if you won’t disturb me with your calls”

I felt like the happiest man, when she collected my phone in my hand to type in her number. That was how my love story with the princess started.

How it got into the ring

After a year of being in a relationship with Mia, I thought it was time to make it a permanent one by making her my wife, but I was scared telling her my intentions because I wasn’t sure of her reactions judging from our separate backgrounds but I summoned courage to let her know.

That day Mia and I went out to get some ice cream, while we were together I broke the news to her and surprisingly she was excited about it and we agreed to come to her house the next day to come make it known to her father.

The next day came and I was feeling I have passed the first huddle with getting Mia to accept me, now it is going to be a big test getting her parents to accept me as their son in-law, just some few minutes pass 12-noon I went to Mia’s house, she was the one who came to the gate to bring me in because of the too many protocols with the security at the gate.

She brought me in and showed me to a mini sitting room just by the big one in the center of the ground floor of the beautiful Mansion, I sat down while she went to inform her parents of my presence. The maids came to serve me a drink, not after Mia asked me what I was going to drink before leaving my presence, definitely she was the one who told the maid to bring the orange drink I earlier told her to offer me when she asked.

Just in about 30 minutes’ time, her father and the royal Queen Letzia were walking towards my direction, as they both walked to where I was sitting I stood up to greet as a sign of respect. I sat down immediately they did and the talk started. After about 20 minutes of interrogation about my background and occupation and lots of other questions I got the shocker of my life when I told them of my intentions to marry their daughter.

Mia’s father; it is our tradition that anyone who wishes to marry the princess will first be in a bullfight and if you accept the challenge the fight will be 6 days from now while the marriage takes place a day after.

The Fairytale and My future

I left the palace and went home still in deep thoughts of what I just got myself into, how can a novice like me step into the ring with a deadly bull capable causing heavy injury on me or worse case of killing me, I almost gave up on Mia but out of nowhere a strange courage came to my heart as I remembered dad’s old fairytale struck my heart “my son, always try to do things outside the box”. These were the words that echoed in my head as I pondered on the bullfight.

I soon summoned courage as I finally decided to pick up the challenge and “do things outside the box” by fighting to make the one I love my wife damming any consequences I was ready to take on the most dreaded bull Raton.

The Humbling of Raton

Before now the legendary bull had a record of putting many fighters away which everyone in Spain knows that fact, and not even my parents could even stop me from these. So I didn’t relent in getting acquainted with the happening of a bull fighting, from when the madators which I will be on that day enters the ring to learn how the bull attacks and his movement in the ring to seeing which side of the ring the bull favours more as well as the use of the cloak to pass the head of the bull when it runs pass me. And not to forget the picadors who are going to help me in bringing down the bull as they try to stab the neck of the bull with their lances for it to loose blood, before placing barbed stick (banderillas) on the bull’s neck after wish I step in with my sword and muleta (red clothe with a wooden dowel) to finish up the job.

Here comes the freaky Friday encounter with the greatest bull of all time, I was dressed up in the flamboyant traditional Torero (bull fighter) attire as customary demands I stepped into the ring first with my small parade guys with a fairly loud music to greet the queen and her Husband and of course other dignitaries present at the occasion. I was showing confidence in my outward look but inside me was a very scared man.

The fight began, I started off on a very shaky start as Raton wasn’t taking things lightly with me, he was eager to attack me every second, that I even slipped while trying to flip my cloak pass it, luckily for me I survived what could have been a brutal attack on me by the bull. After managing to getting a vital tip on the animal, my picadores came in to do their thing but unfortunately for 3 of them the bull stamped on them and they were badly injured.

At this point I was full with fear seeing what the b bull was capable of doing before my very own eyes, I was dripping sweat like a man soaked in river Kilimanjaro. Once again another shaking ending but I still have to carry on with the fight. It was time to put my banderillas around the bulls shoulder, news has it that these weakens a bull and gives the madator some sort of authority but even after successful putting my barbed stick over Raton it still didn’t show any sign of weakness but I still had my plans for it because I found out it doesn’t turn swiftly to his right, I think his right eye is damaged or not working on 100% as expected by me so I took advantage of that as I picked up my sword and red cape or muleta as traditionally called.

My job was to use the muleta to play around the head of the bull while trying to attempt to stab it through the shoulder blade then to the heart before finally cutting the spinal cord. I already had my moves planned out in my head and It was left for execution. When Ratons runs towards me I move to his right which takes him more time than usual to turn fully to face me he, I confirmed my earlier discovery five times more to confirm its authenticity before finally piercing it with my sword down to the heart, which did convincingly and I received a round of applause from the audience who was watching.

For once since these encounter the bull became calm and I immediately took out the final step of cutting its spinal cord and once again the crowd cheered me, I was feeling like the king of the whole world. My victory marks that I will get married Mia

You all are all invited to my wedding ceremony tomorrow👰

colour code: milk and pink 👫

see you there🚘

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