Even when we start talking about sports and extreme situations, there are characters that manage to go beyond the extreme and break human limits to mold them to their reality. This is the case of Wim Hof, a superman known in the world of extreme sports such as iceman and this is due to its ability to thermoregulate his body and conscientiously resist deadly temperatures without wearing only a pair of underpants

It is a case that even science can not explain at all, according to Wim all his "powers" come from the control he has over his mind and therefore his body, also ensures that anyone can follow the same type of training and get the same results that he.

Wim is a Dutch father, who lost his wife and this eventually led him to challenge himself to show the world the power of the mind and how he managed to have total control of his immune system, nervous and others through meditation techniques , and the direct and progressive exposure to the cold because it is the way in which you achieve that your body adapts to the most extreme conditions of our planet.

Among his greatest exploits as the mere fact of owning more than 20 Guinness records, is having climbed almost 7 kilometres to Everest! yes, the biggest mountain that exists and the coldest one, also just wearing some pants and barefoot. Run half marathon in the most inhospitable and frozen lands of the planet, also without shoes and in shorts. It is interesting to see the documentary about him as during the marathon, his feet begin to lose sensibility but still Wim ignores and continues.

In addition to having submerged to free swim in the coldest waters of the planet, during several minutes which had to kill to any normal person by hypothermia. It holds the record for being more time immersed in pure ice, at least 2 hours in which even if your body temperature reaches several of the 35-36 degrees.

I really like this man and how he opens up for the world to study, allowing to use scientific advances to find ways to extend these superpowers to ordinary people, this can be a great step in favor of global health.

Speaking of health, Wim was injected with an infectious bacterium that was supposed to cause him general malaise and a terrible headache, but again Iceman proved that meditation and breathing is everything! It autonomously secreted enough adrenaline to stop the effects of the bacterium.

All this way to being a superhuman started when tragically his wife left this world committing suicide and leaving him in charge of 4 children. Wim saw himself at a point where he totally depended on his will, and thus managed to dominate her and with it to his own mind.

His first plunge into the frozen water was more than 35 meters, it must have felt like thousands of blades stabbing you over and over again. Even Wim was left without vision as his retinas froze, this left him adrift, opening the way to a deeper state, a pure and complete awareness of himself.

The most remarkable and profitable thing that we can get out of here and by many is ignored, breathing is an essential base piece to improve the quality of life of all people. Stress and anxiety can be controlled when you know how to breathe consciously, even your lung capacity will increase exponentially and if you are an athlete this will come as a glove.