Who doesn't want to be physically strong like the Indonesian National Army? The prime conditions and the high discipline of our army are certainly the result of hard physical training every day. Rarely they complain, even though the exercises that work are very heavy. This has become the duty of the TNI as a security guard for the Indonesian state.

Although it seems heavy, but there are also, you know, military-style sports that we can try and practice around the house, such as 12 minutes running, shuttle run, push-ups and sit-ups. Typical military sports like this are basically quite simple, but if done carelessly can cause dangerous injuries.

The following Military-style exercises that can be done at home:

1. Run 12 Minutes

Running is the simplest sport. By running, we can practice endurance and breathing skills. When running, we must breathe stable. Running should not be forced, starting with a light one, then continuing intensively until you get a long distance in 12 minutes. Prepare comfortable shoes and clothes before running and remember to always stretch first.

2. Shuttle Run

The movement of running between two 10m distance pillars forming the eight figure is one of the exercises that is often carried out by the Indonesian National Army to strengthen the legs and train alertness. When doing this exercise, use shoes with a strong grip and are not slippery so that the feet do not slip when doing rounds around the milestone.

3. Push up

Doing push ups correctly will tighten your arm, chest, stomach muscles and burn calories. When doing push ups, you should not need to use a base. Place your hands on the floor with your shoulders wide open. The foot rests on the tip of the finger until the body is perfectly straight. Lower your shoulders to form a 90 degree elbow, then push your shoulders and arms straight ahead while taking a breath. Do it gradually and don't force yourself, bright friends.

4. Sit up

Simply put, sit ups are to fold your knees and set them on the floor when your body is in a sleeping position, then your back is lifted forward towards the knee. Sit ups should be performed with regular breathing. In a sleeping position take a deep breath and exhale in the wake position. Focus on abdominal muscle movements and not the number of sit ups you do. Doing sit ups properly will strengthen your abdominal muscles and keep you from osteoporosis.

In addition, during exercise the body must be fit and fit. And don't forget before you do it, you have to stretch it first

Apart from that, maybe there are those who don't know the military draft training actually or maybe there is a reader greget here. You can also try this for the Reader greget: v. Here are the obligatory exercises (read: greget / anti-mainstream) Soldiers:

1. Drink cobra blood

In the elite troops there is jungle survival, or survive in the forest. They have to eat anything to maintain life.

One of the favorite menus for survival is the many cobras in tropical forests. They also eat cobra meat and drink their blood. This is believed to increase strength and make the body somewhat immune to snake venom.

How, snake's head is cut. The blood is drunk and the meat is burned.

nb: Permission of parents before doing so, because the time in the forest is long enough: v

2. Breathe two hours in water

Combat Reconnaissance Platoon forces (Tontaipur) have the ability to breathe in water. Only armed with a bamboo reed, they can hold two hours in water.

If the enemy sees from above, won't there be a Tontaipur who is hiding in the water?

With silent movements, these soldiers will also make a surprise attack on the enemy defense. These warriors can also move far into the enemy area to do reconnaissance.

3. Walk hundreds of kilometers

In commando training, there are stages of long march or long trips hundreds of kilometers. Not just walking, they must be prepared to receive attacks from the coaches.

Kopassus TNI AD carried out a long march from Batujajar, Bandung Regency to the coast of Cilacap, Central Java. While Paskhas TNI AU runs from Margahayu Bandung to Pamengpeuk in South Garut.

Once at the destination, that doesn't mean you can relax. The heaviest material in the sea swamp field is ready to drain their physicality to the full.

4. Tortured in prison camps

One of the most frightening stages in training elite troops is the prison camp. Almost all elite forces have their own traditions about this camp problem.

In this camp they are likened to being captured by the enemy played by the coaches. Various tortures had to be received, ranging from being beaten, kicked to being shocked. Students are really treated like captured enemies.

This last exercise really drains physically and stamina. In fact, not infrequently large soldiers who cried and asked forgiveness because of the weight of torture.

5. Swimming across the Sunda Strait and Madura

For Indonesian Navy Amphibious Reconnaissance Soldiers, swim across the Sunda Strait, which is 19.2 nautical miles or approximately 38 kilometers ordinary. They also regularly swim across the Madura Strait.

Besides having to be good at swimming, they also have to be strong in rowing rubber boats for kilometers. Inflatable boats are the best choice for infiltration from the sea because they do not cause noise

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