Tapanuli Utara, a district in North Sumatra Province with Tarutung (Durian) as the capital of the district. A district with a myriad of tourist attractions. Consists of 15 districts. With a travel time of approximately 8 hours from the city of Medan by land vehicle, or other options approximately 45 minutes by air vehicle.

A sub-district, Siborong-borong is one of the sub-districts which is a tourist attraction for Siborong-borong horse racing. Known to be the only horse race in North Sumatra. Siborong-borong horse racing has now become one of the icons of the North Tapanuli community.

The Horse Racing arena located in Silait-lait Village has existed since the Dutch era, the place became a meeting place for Dutch masters and indigenous people. In the 80s, siborong-borong horse racing was once a national event and became the official agenda of PORDASI (Indonesian Horse Riding Association). There appear various stable and peranakan horse farms. Horse racing followed from Bukit Tinggi, Tanah Taro, Medan, even from Java and NTT.

This field is indeed provided for the racetrack arena. Nowadays, horse racing is only a traditional horse race. This is because traditional horse racing is still lacking in facilities and completeness to make horse racing hobby to become a modern tourist place.

In the beginning, the traditional horse race was held every month. The longer, the implementation is only done at certain events. Lately, the implementation of horse racing is carried out every independence of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17. Although the horse racing facility is not yet modern, the competition is still traditionally packaged. The uniqueness and traditional elements appear from several things. Starting from the age of the rider who is not restricted, free of equipment, free of horse types, without using standard equipment such as hats, pants, shoes, helmets, and saddles.

Although the state of horse racing is still traditional, this does not bother horse racing fans. They like watching games with bare feet, open heads and makeshift T-shirts. They are still enthusiastic about watching this competition which is only held every August 17th.

Not only the racetrack, this field is also provided for the motocross arena. Motorcycle racing has often been carried out and now dominates compared to horse racing. Because the committee had trouble getting horses in the Batak land.

For those of you who want to join the racetrack or motocross competition or just want to watch it, please visit siborong-borong sub-district and don't forget to visit every tourist spot in North Tapanuli Regency. But for those who want to take part in the race, don't be haphazard. If you have not been trained and are not experts, you should undo the intention because the Siborong-Borong horse race that is still traditional is very vulnerable to safety if you are not yet proficient. Because the technique for riding a horse on a racetrack if it is not controlled will cause danger. Certain tricks used by horse riders to drop opponents usually will not be seen by the audience or the committee.

In addition to the riders themselves, this will also endanger themselves. Most cases are riders will fall when the horse stumbles and falls. Riders are likely to fracture especially if the rider is trampled on by another horse when he falls. Even riders can be killed.

This is also a concern for the horse racing organizers of siborong-borong. Siborong-borong horse racing has provided a health team that is always standby at the place during the race if it happens.