"The parachutes from the Denjaka Force carried out a plunge carrying the Red and White flag, the Cilacap Regional Government emblem flag and the TNI-AL Unit symbol. They were deployed from Bell HU-419 helicopters belonging to the Navy with an altitude of 5000 fit, "explained Danramil 01 Cilacap, Captain Kav Nur Sohib in the middle of the task of securing the event.

Regent of Cilacap, H. Tato Suwarto Pamuji who was accompanied by elements of Forkompinda Cilacap expressed his pride because in celebration of the 72nd Anniversary of RI Independence one of the best sons from Cilacap was involved in a parachuting action, namely Serma (Mar) Sunarto.

"Cilacap children can do parachuting and carrying helicopters, this proves that for 72 years we are free not to miss other nations. And this is proof that Indonesia, especially Cilacap Regency, has progressed even though it has to go through a long process, "he said.

Meanwhile, those involved in the parachuting attraction are members of the TNI-AL Special Forces (Denjaka) namely Kapten (Mar) Indra Maulana, Serma (Mar) Anjar Nur S, Serka (Mar) Sunarto, Serka (Mar) Asep Mulyadi, Sertu ( Mar) Munandar, Serda (Mar) Caswika and Serda (Mar) Mujiono.

After the parachuting activity, the community was also treated to the attractions of a happy landing performance stabo. It is known that ordinary stabo is done to evacuate troops out of enemy target areas or when a helicopter is difficult to land in a vulnerable area.

The 72nd anniversary of the TNI was colored by the action of Payung, Silat to Debus

As many as 1,800 members of the TNI displayed a martial arts performance in the commemoration of the 72nd TNI anniversary. Not only that, in celebrating the TNI's anniversary, debus was shown, by slashing machetes into the body.

In the performance series, there were also actions to break hard objects such as iron, placards, and other materials, as high as 3-4 meters, in one hit.

There are also parachuting attractions. Air Force troops jumped from CN295 aircraft. Meanwhile, on the water, an attraction was shown on an inflatable boat in reverse.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Army forces displayed a freeclimbing action. They jump from the crane and climb the wall with ropes.

Attractions are also carried out by paratroopers carrying flags of the Indonesian Army, Navy and Indonesian Air Force and flags. They go down in sequence.

TNI Commander Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo said, this anniversary commemoration was a form of TNI accountability to the Indonesian people. "Accountability by showing the development of defense equipment, his troops, so that (the people) really know and love the TNI," he said.

The attraction exhibited by the TNI forces was closed by raising a banner reading the 72nd TNI Anniversary.