Jessi Combs, known as "the fastest woman on four wheels," passed away on Tuesday, August 27 while attempting to break her own land speed record of 477.59 mph.

My first exposure to Jessi was on the popular television show MythBusters. She had a big bright smile, and was fun to watch. She brought athleticism and toughness to the show, which she brought to racing and life as well. She's also known as the co-host of Spike TV's XTreme 4x4.

Not many details have been released as to the cause of the crash, but at speeds in excess of 400 mph, it doesn't take much for a jet-powered car to turn into a deadly vehicle.

Although most people outside of the racing world who have never seen an episode of MythBusters were not familiar with Jessi, it's not hard to admire her accomplishments, bravery, and the fearless way in which she approached life and achieving her dreams.

It's obvious she died while doing something she loved. Many people call it tragic, is it really? What do you think?