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Today's rally is from 1986 and it was the last rally of the famous group B rally cars, which is something similar to these days WRC cars. When you look at the acceleration of the modern WRC cars and group B cars, I would say it's pretty similar. Group B cars acceleration is kinda more brutal but if you would look on the clock, you would see that there's no bigger difference between the cars because electronic differentials will make all the lost time of the less powerful engine of today's WRC cars. Today's cars has around 420-450bhp and group B era cars had around 600bhp but without all this electronic stuff on the cars and it was more then 30 years ago.

You will admit that technology changed a lot in the last 32 years. All the cars from 80's that have been so powerful and great are just slow these days compared with the modern machines from today. That's what I am talking about. That old cars are just great to watch but if you want true speed from the clock, modern cars are much quicker on the rally stage.

Group B era didn't last long, only five seasons (from 1982 to 1986) but it was pure pleasure for fans across the globe that changed the perspective of the sport because rallying had a cars that could compete against F1 cars. And it was something that fans wanted to see for a long time because there's strong rivalry from Formula 1 and World rally championship sports.

And that's it.

Tonight you can see Lombard Q Rally 1986 from Great Britain with really great cars from Group B era.

Please enjoy!

Thanks for photos and videos to WRC.com and private Youtube channel.

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