Hi, friends!

As I wrote earlier, now it is announced by Andreas Mikkelsen himself and TOK Sport (Škoda satellite team) that he will have a full WRC2 program and also a full ERC program.

What does it mean?

WRC2 program means rallies in the World Rally Championship in the first lower category then the WRC and we are talking here about R5 cars or Rally2 class which is the latest name for R5 cars.

ERC is European Rally Championship and from what I know it will be around seven or eight rallies next season. Mikkelsen will drive full season on both fronts.

TOK Sport is a rally team from Germany and they want to win another WRC2 and ERC title and that's why they hired the quickest available driver on the market.

What is probably the most important is that he is a Škoda factory driver but his programs will be run with satellite team because Škoda is not in the championship as a works team. I guess it is cheaper for them to run the cars with some of the teams who buy their cars for the rent.

Mikkelsen will also develop Škoda Fabia Rally2 for season 2022 and that is the truth about his involvement with their works team.

He also said that there is a possibility to drive some rallies with WRC machinery but he needs some funds to run the WRC program.

His first rally will be Monte Carlo Rallye 2021.

Let the best win - as always...