Citroen World Rally Team sends their young Finn Esappekka Lappi to contest Rally Estonia as a preparation for a WRC Rally Finland which is a super fast rally and what is the most important - Lappi won Finnish event in 2017 when he drove for Toyota.

If you can win in Finland, you can win anywhere, says legend. There's no such event like that with average speeds more then 130km/h through the forest with blind crests and jumps everywhere.

Lappi also finished 2nd in Sweden on their 2nd event with the new team Citroen. Just to remind you: he has a two year deal with Citroen but the results aren't great. It's all down to confidence which is not high at the moment for Lappi.

I guess it is because he has super fast six times WRC champion Seb Ogier for his team mate and psychology says: if you are beaten every rally from the team mate, your confidence can't be sky high. That's the problem with Lappi if you ask me.

Rally Estonia will also be a 100th start together for Lappi and his co-driver Janne Ferm.

Lappi needs a positive result if he wants his moral back on the track.

photo and video from WRC and youtube