Hi, friends!

I don't know if this documentary is an official work of producer and the house behind him or this is only a work of a blogger from YouTube. But I write about it because it deserves to be spoken about it.

It is a collage of the sport in the last 40 years or more because we can find some shots from 1970's up to the recent years.

What I liked the most is that there are some casual talks between drivers who teased each others.

We can also see a frustration of the drivers who caught the drivers in front of them but refused to pull away and let them pass.

We can also see some collage from the service job between the stages and we can't forget the mechanics in this sport. Without them we would be nowhere.

I also like the fact that women are also mentioned in the sport because I would like more women in the rallying sport.

Whole movie is a great project which will bring you the sport closer to the public and fans across the world.