Some good things started to happen in the last six months of my rallying and racing career because I have been invited to drive for or with somebody which is kinda rare these days.

No money, no honey says in motorsport and I would say that this is true even today.

But there are some good people around and I am really thankful for every opportunity I have in motorsport.

I bought Seat Ibiza Gti rally car and guy who prepared that car offered me a deal for one rally as team will prepare and bring the car to the rally on the trailer as well as look after it through out the rally.

It is always hard on the event because you need really good mechanics to help you during the rally.

That's why I have @ivach13 who really helped me a lot in the last three years and I am really thankful to him.

Now I will try this deal with Fog Motorsport.

Keep your finger crossed for me/us...