My co-driver Damir P from last two gravel rallies is going back to his regular co-driver duties for his long term driver and that means I need a new co-driver.

It is always a tough job to find a good co-driver because in this sport experience is everything. You need to know this job very good, you must be precise with notes and you must read just the way I need and want.

Damir was that kinda of a co-driver that will push you even more to press gas pedal even further. That's what I need.

Today I had a meeting with one very experienced and successful co-driver but he can't do the first and third round of our tarmac championship. So I need to look somewhere else.

Damir told me to ask his friend to jump in for this rally so I will try that also.

Another solution is my old co-driver from 2013 but we had nasty crash that year together so fro, psychological view it is not an easy task for both of us.

I hope it will be best solution for me/us. Keep your fingers crossed... :)

Monika was my co-driver in 2017