Kris Meeke is out of job at the moment and as 40 years old professional rally driver he will hardly find another works drive these days.

He is a crash prone driver and team bosses don't like that. They want super driver who will always finish the rallies and on the top. That's the profile they are looking for.

Meeke didn't want to accept testing role at Toyota, he is still hungry of the special stages and competing.

That's why he will accept any offer they put on the table just as this one where he will have to fly over to New Zealand to drive International Rally of Whangarei.

He will be behind a wheel of non-homologated Mazda 2 AP4.

Will this be only appearance at New Zealand Championship or not, it's hard to tell at the moment but Meeke wants to stay competitive as much as possible.

photo and video from WRC and youtube