Hi, friends!

In rallying pacenotes are details that co-driver reads to the driver about road in front of them and it's usually one or two corners in front of them with distance in meters between the corners.

Hayden Paddon uses the system of pacenotes which was invented by ex-works Subaru driver Possum Bourne and it's all about angels of the corner with LEFT and RIGHT, and also distance which driver delivers as number in meters, as example 30 means 30 meters until the next corner).

Guys use PLUS which means gas pedal to the floor and MINUS which means remove the foot from the gas pedal.

Guys also use CUT and don't CUT which means to cut the corner or not to cut the corner if there's a tree stump in the grass which could destroy your suspension and your rally is over.

Guys also use numers from 1 to 7 when 1 is the hairpin and 7 is the fastest corner.

My pacenotes are similar in much details except I use the numbers and angels same as on clock but also with ZERO which means almost not a corner (flat out) but it is a little corner.

So if I have RIGHT 1, that means tight corner and angle is lie 1 o'clock, That means that RIGHT 3 is 90 degree corner in my pacenotes.

I have from ZERO to SIX and SIX is hairpin in my notes. FOUR and FIVE I really rarely use because that means I have less information to think about and less to think in my head.

Warch this video which is explanation of notes between Hayden Paddon and John Kennard.

photo and video from WRC and youtube