Two rallies in 2020 and seven races from September 2019 until now and it has been pretty cool.

Well I didn't finish this rallies in 2020 but times finally started to come and there has been my 'new' rally car - Seat Ibiza GTI.

I wanted stronger and with more power car and I finally got it. Times were really good from the special stages I drove with Seat. I can only be satisfied with whole new story.

But Corona virus destroyed everything. No one knows when will rallying season be continued.

Some says that maybe this season can be written off. Well, to be sincere, for me it is health that is the most important.

And also there has been an earthquake in my home town on Sunday. To be sincere every day are some earthquakes, sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller. It is awful. And very stressful.

My car is currently at Fog Motorsport. We have some deal for the next rally but no one knows when it will be held.

Until now we can only hope and pray for our health...