It was a sultry Friday afternoon as I looked outside the office window. The sun rests perfectly in the western coast of the company. With the thoughts of TGIF and no place to visit during the evening, there goes my phone singing out loud. It was the birthday boy with the incoming call. I had forgotten its Joker's birthday. We went through rounds of chats for about 54 minutes. It was evening already, I had to round off my work and head straight for Dah Flying Peach Pub. Yea, that's where the party is going down.

This is a contest organised by pete. Its a freaky Friday showdown you shouldn't miss. Hit the link to get started.


I arrived the pub late. Outside I was and I could hear the sound of music blasting through the four walls of the building. Then I marched in gallantly with all eyes concentrated on me. I journeyed straight to the table where Joker and his friends sat. Few minutes to my arrival, i could here them chant "truth or dare"? " truth or dare"!?, "truth or dare"!!? Hardly did I notice all hands were pointing towards me demanding for a pick. Wondrous thoughts ran through my mind on what truth these dudes will be expecting from me, then I went for a dare. A lady on stringed boot advanced towards me holding a peach basket that looks like that of the devil's. In it were numerous cue balls with numbers. As I picked one and pulled out the piece of paper in it and read the boldly scripted words on it, " YOU'VE BEEN DARED TO FLY WITHOUT WINGS". What!!!? My eyelids went further apart as I looked at them sitting round that table in awe. They returned the gaze as if they knew what dare I picked. Failure to perform the task results to you loosing what you cherished most, said the lady with the basket. Before I could turn to face her, she was no where to be found. I felt cold, terror ran through my spine as everything around me was frozen at the moment. Then I recalled the Truth or dare movie I've watched sometime before. I turned to the table and every one else has vanished except Joker who was there staring at me like who just saw or rather was seeing a spectre. What's the meaning of this I asked as I walked towards him. Then he replied; "The game is real pal. You must complete the deal or loose that which you cherished most". What do I cherish most? my car? never, my house? not even close, my job? nope, My scorum account? yea yea yea, stop right there. Of course he knew I wouldn't joke with my Scorum account. He looked at me and told me his friends would be waiting for me to fly and meet with them at the Death zoned street to complete my dare. I felt languid at I walked through the door outside.


Few minutes later, I valiantly arrived the supposed location with a smile on my face. The wind was blew heavily as I flew down from the sky. Dusts became restless on my landing and the trees and shrubs danced in different direction. I approached them in a grand style to sign out my completed dare. After all was done, I turned and went straight for the helicopter I arrived with. They all looked as I flew away without wing but in my gracious helicopter. I believe they could hear the song " I'm flying without wings by westlife" coming from the copter's jam disc even as I flew thousands of feet into the air.

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