Good Day, All!

Is nice to be back since been a month I just have something very important to do first, but again I am so happy to make a new skate blog to share.

Three months an ago I started played skateboarding again with my old crew we called our team TWS stand for (The Worms Skatecrew) Mark and we been skate since 2005 and we have a lot good memories while skateboarding, we find new friends and a new spot.

On January Mark's homecoming, we set up a simple reunion to play skateboard and a simple buffet. On that day I'm so excited to back on the street with a skateboard to try the full pack of my tricks If I still get it and yeah I'm so lucky I still have a Kickflip, Boardslide, Pop Shuv-it, and my other tricks. We set up the ledge and the rail and I set up my gear too to start filming this is my favorite part when we skate together because I really love to make a video content while skateboarding.

When the camera rolls I started filming Danico the first trick he tried is Backside Smith Grind and that is so sick he is really good doing that tricks on the rail. That trick is not really easy as you think you need more balance and stay on board and out the tricks perfectly.


Danico does more tricks and this trick is one of my the best film to him a Backside Crooked Grind this trick is really hard, but it looks like easy to him and he does it on the rail that is really, really amazing.


Until 7 PM the camera still rolls and I shot a bunch of good tricks Lawrence start do a trick he perfectly lands it the Ollie 50-50 on the ledge and it looks like nothing to him.


A great variation of the Frontside Tailslide is the Nollie Frontside Tailslide the reason is that when you Nollie up to the ledge, front of your board is down on the ground and the tail comes up to the ledge and then you put your weight on it and come down.


We start to skate on the afternoon at 3 PM up to 7 PM we tried a bunch of tricks until our whole body's become sweaty that is one of the funniest things that you will never miss when you skate. Skateboarding is the only sport that I had and this is one of my favorite fast time since when I started until these days.

I've been playing skateboarding since 2005 and start filming and editing since 2011. On TWS skate video you'll find a random of tricks and behind of skateboarding, we are not pro skate we just skate for fun and I really love this.

Best Regards,