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Here we go again with my awesome skateboarding trick it's called 'Frontside Shove-It Drop' I dropped this trick at the walkway and I perfectly execute that trick because I always do that trick before so that's I can still do that trick today. I want to share to you that the Frontside Shove-It is my suggestion at the trick selection in our online game of skate competition and I'm so lucky that my trick was chosen. When I saw that my trick was chosen I won't hesitate I go to my spot immediately to do it because I know to my self that I could do this trick.

The day that I do this trick I'm skating alone so it means I skating without my crew-mate but it's ok because I'm better my own. The footings of this trick are like to Heelflip and my secret about this trick is the back foot the front foot is only a guide my full attention is to my back foot because I need to pop the board high using my back foot that's why I can easily execute this trick. Down below you can see all the photos how can I do this trick.

Frontside Shove-It Drop By Me:

This photo is my position before I pop my board as you can see my eyes focus at the board and the drop.

Here my position after that I pop my board as you can see I perfectly catch the board before landing to the ground.

PS: All photographs are mine, taken with my Sony Xperia XA1 smartphone. The thumbnail that I use I edited that using the Adobe Photoshop Photo Merge.

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