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Here is another episode of 'My Flat Ground Trick' the trick is called 'Backside 180' some others called that trick 'Ollie Backside 180' because this is an Ollie and rotate our body to 180 degrees. Like I said this trick is an Ollie variation rotating into 180 degrees every time I'm doing the trick I never land the first try I need more tries to perfect this trick maybe because I'm not doing this trick always but this is a really cool trick.

I want to tell you how we do this trick the position of foot is like to Kickflip position then after I positioned my foot I just pop the tail of the board using my back foot then I pointed my board into 45 degrees, then I lean my shoulder into 90 degrees after that I rotate my body into 180 degrees. But every skateboarder has a different technique to do this trick and I do my own technique to land this trick perfectly. Down below you can find how can I do this Backside 180.


Here is the position of my body before I rotating the board into 180 degrees as you can see my footings is like to 'Kickflip'.

Now, this is my position of the body after I popping the board my body is almost into 90 degrees.

This image is my body position after my whole body and the board rotation into 180 degrees as you can I perfectly land it.

PS: All photographs are mine, taken with my Sony Xperia XA1 smartphone. The thumbnail that I use I edited that using the Adobe Photoshop Photo Merge.

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