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Today I want to show one of my signature skateboarding tricks it's called 'Fakie Frontside Bigspin' this is one of my favorite tricks back days until this day I can do this trick on the flat ground and I can drop this trick too. For me, the Fakie Frontside Bigspin is one of the coolest tricks that I have to do you know If I always doing this trick my whole body is rotating into 270 degrees. Wayback 2011 I able to drop this trick on 3 foot high and that is one of the best accomplished that I've ever made on my skateboarding day.

The Fakie Frontside Bigspin is a combination of Fakie 180 Frontside Shove-it and a 90 degrees rotation it is so cool If I do this trick at the high speed yeah! I can do that too. When I always do this trick the pop is not so high and that is my problem that's why I won't be able to do this trick on one deck high. As always the day that I doing this trick I'm alone I can play skateboarding without my crew down below you can see the photographs how can I do this trick.


Here is the photo before I rotate my body at 270 degrees since my footings are 'Goofy' to this trick I switch my footings into 'Regular' position but this is not a switch trick it just a fakie trick.

Now, this is my position when my body rotate into 270 degrees when I first saw this trick I thought the board rotates into 360 degrees but I'm wrong the board rotate into 270 degrees only.

PS: All photographs are mine, taken with my Sony Xperia XA1 smartphone. The thumbnail that I use I edited that using the Adobe Photoshop Photo Merge.

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