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Yesterday August 15, 2019, after I'm done to my entry on Game Of Steemskate I tried to execute one of my favorite flat ground trick the 'Varial Flip'. I take more time to perfect this trick because of it almost two weeks since the last time that I play skateboarding but I have my rhythm to do this trick I think I tried 25 times to land it but this not usually happen because I can execute this trick in just one try. While I trying to perfect this trick I have time to catch my board and land it but the board slippering on my feet.

Varial Flip is a combination of Pop Shove-It and Kickflip the difference between Varial Flip and 360 Flip is on the Varial Flip I need to flick the board hard, on the other hand, the 360 Flip need more scoop at the tail of the board with less flick to rotate the board into 360 degrees. I can also drop the Varial Flip into the walkway and other highest obstacles but not so high. Every time I do this trick I love to hang on the air a little bit and I like how my feet folded into 90 degrees and cathing the board toe to toe. Down below you can find of how I can perform this trick.

Sequence Action Photo Version:

The Varial Flip By Me:

Here is the position of my body before I popping and flicking the board.

Now, this is my position of the body after I popping and flicking the board as you can my body is almost bent into the air.

PS: All photographs are mine, taken with my Sony Xperia XA1 smartphone. The thumbnail that I use I edited that using the Adobe Photoshop Photo Merge.

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