Good Day, All!!

Since the Skateboarding is officially sports at the Olympics
the local government in the City of Davao started to build and opening a public Skate Park for the skateboarder who had a dream to play in the international competition like at Olympics 2020. The new Skate Park in Davao City is a project of Duterte's Administration had a gold heart to help those kids to develop their passion for Skateboarding.

I am not from Davao City but I'm so proud to see and received this kind of news not every City in the Philippines have a Skate Park the truth is every Municipality or City in our country don't have a public Skate Park especially in my hometown. Since 2001 some folks requested to our dearest Mayor to build a Skate Park but at this time there's no Skate Park was built. I started to play skateboarding in 2005 when I was High School since day one I skating in the Plaza or in the street and we are happy even we don't have a Skate Park like I said since the Skateboarding is officially sported at the Olympics I think every local government have obligated to build a Skate Park.

The Skate Park is built under the Flyover, the architectural is really good and the paint at the wall is state of the art and I think there has a free light for the evening skate. The park is now open for the public and whoever wants to skate at the park is always welcome and feel free to skate.

Now for those who live in the City of Davao especially in the skateboarding community in that City have a chance to expose their talent and unleash their talent in skateboarding they have a chance to skating every day and practice their skills. Skate Park, It's a perfect place to practice but there's nothing to be compared to street skating. Wishing good luck for those skateboarders who live in Davao City keep your park always clean, avoid use illegal instead play skateboarding after your school or work be proud to your Mayor and to your local government.

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