I've seen a lot of skateboarders skating the flatbar, but not like Torey Pudwill he is really, really good to perform a tricks on the flatbar even the 20 feet long flatbar it's look like easy to him. With the Redbull skateboarding team he had a mission to perform to all kind of flatbar.

On this mission Torey Pudwill he is a machine all the footage oh his video is really, really damn good and amazing. Honestly I've watched the video and I'am really, really impress to him he do a tricks on the flatbars with my half size so much incredible and power.

Skateboarding like this takes so many years and practiced to become a rare and extremely pro on this career Torey Pudwill proved himself no matter long or high the flatbar he can perform a big tricks. This is not my first watching Torey I've been watching seen I started to skate.

If you watched the video you can see how fast he is too much fast and perform a tricks is really complicated and scared but not for him he do a lot of tricks like Backside kickflip tail, Overcrook on the flatbar, 50-50 five O and Smithgrind. All of that tricks with the high speed and push.

The curved rail like a shape of letter O footage is one the best artfully in the world of skateboarding as Pudwill approaching frontside performs a 50-50 grind along the curved rail. His style, speed and movements of his armed was so fascinate me, he has a momentum to control all his tricks.

As far as I know Pudwill skate in a very long time he has so many awards and contribute in the industry of skateboarding. Skate in the golden hours, fences in the street, flatbars in the park and bench to every corner of the street Pudwill perform a tricky tricks and that is the wonderful memory of as a skateboarder. Take Pudwill for making this video.

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