Good Day, All!!

Hey guys! here is another amazing skating day with my friend his name is Ruah Timario we've been skating together since 2007 we both have kids now we just skate to having fun and to stretch our bodies too. Like the other skateboarding is the only sport we can do, we also make sure that we can play at least once a week. I play skateboarding to remembering all the tricks that I can able to do this sounds crazy right? maybe because I stopped to play skateboarding for so many years that's why I need to skate again.

Same like me Ruah wasn't able to do the tricks that he can do before, he also easily get tired after he performed a couple of tricks he also said I'm tired and he seating down. I understand Ruah why he easily get tired because he stops to skating for so many years than me and his body is not like before but he had more tricks can be able to do I think he needs more Weeks and play skateboarding to revive all tricks that he can do before.


Ruah's tried to do the Inward Heelflip he is the only in our crew that he can perfect that trick Inward Heelflip is the opposite of Hard Flip the footings of the Inward Heelflip is like the Heelflip and the footings of Hardflip is like kickflip. I like the flip of this trick and looks hard.


Ollie is the easiest trick that's why Ruah had this trick until now just simply he can pop the board using his back foot and move his front foot toward very simple.


Here is the captured of the trick that I can able to do before the Kickflip Five-O this is trick is a combination of Kickflip and Manual.


Here is the captured of Ruah's Pop Shove-it he can also be able to do that trick just like before.

PS: All photographs are mine, taken with my Sony Xperia XA1 smartphone. Thanks For Visiting My Article I appreciate Your Precious Time!

Best Regards, @toffer