I joined to online 'Game Of Skate' organized by SteemSkate we are now in Week 2 trick the trick called 'Backside Bigspin' I participate in this online game of skate because I want to learn new tricks. Honestly, I can't ever do this trick before that is my first to perform that trick I have a variation of Bigspin but I don't have the BS Bigspin. Last Tuesday, July 02, 2019 I tried over and over that trick but I noticed I can't spin my whole body in 180 degrees because the trick is a combination of Pop Shuv-it and Backside 180.

Before I perform that BS Bigspin I does the Pop Shuv-it and Backside 180 the purpose to familiarize my body how I can combined that two tricks. I do Pop Shuv-it and Backside 180 over and over again too and when I did for Pop Shuv-it and Backside 180 I started to do the Backside Bigspin, of course, I can't perfect the first attempt, I can't perfect the second attempt too, same goes to third, fourth and fifth attempt. After so many tries I sit for a while and watched the video I saw that my shoulder can be stuck in 90 degrees only and the spin of the board is not 180 degree.

I try the Backside Bigspin for almost two hours and my whole body become sweaty but I can't perfect that trick. I think if have more time on that day I'm getting closer and closer to perfect that trick sadly the rain started at that time so I don't have a chance to try again but when I watched the whole videos the I'm closed to get that trick on the last try if I skate this week I try that trick again hope I can perfect this time.


As you can see my right feet is almost down and my body and shoulder stuck in 90 degrees.


Same goes to the first attempt.


Same goes to the first and second attempt too.


Same goes to first, second and third attempt too.


After so many tries I'm so closed to get that trick as you can see my body and my shoulder is rotate in 170 degrees and my left foot almost catch the board.

PS: I promise to my self I can't ever stop until I perfect the Backside 180.

Best Regards,