Fakie Frontside Bigspin is my favorite spin trick because when you learn this trick it's very easy to do over and over again. Fakie Frontside Bigspin is a 270 spin to do that you have to make sure you have a Fakie Frontside Shuv-it and you have to add a 90-degree spin. I can do this trick both flat and drop and I'm so glad because after age I could drop that trick again. Here is the image of my Fakie Frontside Bigspin when I dropped into the concrete bench.

Fakie Frontside Bigspin Drop

Honestly, Fakie Frontside Bigspin Drop is not so easy to do because if your body does not follow the spin it may cause a little bit of accident it may be your body smack to the ground. Just like the image below my body is not follow the spin it is short that's why I accidentally dragged my both knees to the ground.

Please Note: I've been playing skateboarding since 2005 and start filming and editing in 2011. On the TWS skate video, you'll find a random of tricks and behind skateboarding, we are not pro skaters we just skate for fun and I really love this.


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