Frontside Boardslide And Kickflip

Here's are my newest TWS Topic it's about skate lines by Rai the Frontside Boardslide and Kickflip. Rai is originated from the 'Tubigan's Crew' or the 'Water Tribes Crew' until we found our crew so we unite as one. Almost two weeks when our last skate sesh he did a skate line first he hit the Frontside Boardslide and after that, he did the Kickflip and he landed those two tricks perfectly.

As you can see in my image below he both perfectly landed those two tricks. To do the Frontside Boardslide you have to make you have a Backside 180. The Frontside Boardslide is very similar to Backside Boardslide the only difference with the Frontside Boardslide is that you might feel blindsided when you're sliding to the ledge or rail.

Before Rai perfectly landed those skate lines he Failed three times but when his body figured out how to do that trick he finally perfect it. Between Rai and I, we aren't so much close to each other maybe because we not bonding too much to each other but we both love skateboarding.

Let me be honest with you about the Frontside Boardslide I felt more scariest to do that trick because every time I'm doing that trick I felt my face smacked to the rail that's why I never do that trick anymore.

P.S: I've been playing skateboarding since 2005 and start filming and editing in 2011. On the TWS skate video, you'll find a random of tricks and behind skateboarding, we are not pro skaters we just skate for fun and I really love this.


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