SKATELINE: Frontside Boardslide To Shuv Out, FS Ollie 5050 Grind & Heelflip

Here's are Miguel's favorite SKATELINE the Boardslide To Shuv Out, FS Ollie 5050 Grind & Heelflip. Skateline or Skateboarding line is a line of tricks in a single raw you can do whatever tricks you want to do. This kid is so damn good he started to Frontside Boardslide To Shuv Out, the next trick is FS Ollie 5050 Grind, and the last trick is Heelflip. In the photograph below you can see Miguel's Frontside Boardslide To Shuv Out.

The next image that you can see is Miguel's FS Ollie 5050 Grind & Heelflip after he perfectly landed the Frontside Boardslide To Shuv Out he pushed a little bit and then he executed the FS Ollie 5050 Grind like nothing. After the FS Ollie 5050 Grind, the last trick he did for his Skateline is Heelflip. Heelflip is not an easy flip trick but not so hard too. The one thing that I am scared about the Heelflip is if you flip the board and your foot does not flick the board and the board stands in the middle of your legs you really know what's next to happen. Honestly, I've experienced that worst thing hahaha.

P.S: I've been playing skateboarding since 2005 and start filming and editing in 2011. On the TWS skate video, you'll find a random of tricks and behind skateboarding, we are not pro skaters we just skate for fun and I really love this.


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